Campus Mailing Address

The College of Charleston has a campus-wide mailing address for all incoming mail and packages. Please see the proper addresses below if you would like to send mail to a student living in university housing, or a member of the faculty or staff. Students living on campus have an individual mailbox for all incoming mail, the number of which you can obtain directly from each student.

The USPS will not deliver mail that is addressed to a specific College of Charleston building. All mail being sent will be received by the Office of Mail Services and then delivered to each student mailbox or department. Any mail not addressed with the Campus mailing address will be returned to sender, including package deliveries.

Sending mail to a student in university housing

  • Addressee Name (no nicknames)
  • ______ CofC Complex
  • Charleston, SC 29424

Sending mail to a student organization

  • Name of organization
  • Attn: addressee name
  • Student organization name
  • 66 George Street
  • Charleston, SC 29424

Sending mail to faculty and staff

  • Addressee name
  • Office/Department of __________
  • College of Charleston
  • 66 George Street
  • Charleston, SC 29424