Employee Information

The Office of Mail Services provides the College of Charleston’s faculty and staff with postal services.

Departmental Deliveries

Starting January 2021, in order to ensure the timely exchange of mail with reduced staffing, Mail Services began servicing employee mail via a new locker bank, called Stono, in the small lobby near the St. Philip Street Garage elevators. Departments and offices will need to pick up their mail from this location, as well as drop off any outbound or interdepartmental mail. Mail Services will still deliver large-volume mail and large parcels, and units can place special requests for mail pickup, as needed.

Please note: all outgoing mail must be brought to the Mail Services Customer Service Window before 2:00 p.m. to be processed that same day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at mailservices@cofc.edu

Departmental Outgoing Mail

In an effort to provide the most efficient mail processing system, the Office of Mail Services requests that each department follow the procedures listed below in sorting outgoing mail. Mail services cannot affix postage on any mail without a College of Charleston return address.

Intra-campus Mail

Intra-campus mail must be placed in an intra-campus envelope and should include both the person’s full name and department. Do not use building names, room numbers or street addresses. Mail addressed to students living on campus should include only the student’s name and their College of Charleston Complex number. Do not use the residence hall, room number or a street address.

Faculty and Staff
  • Name: first and last
  • Department: _________
  • Name: first and last
  • ________ CofC Complex

Pre-Stamped Mail

  • Mail with postage affixed should be sorted from all other mail categories.
  • All prepaid postage return envelopes must have a return address affixed before metering. In order for the Office of Mail Services to process prepaid postage envelopes, an IDT with the authorized departmental signature must be submitted.

Mail to be Metered

  • Mail to be metered includes any mail requiring postage.
  • Departmental mail must have a College of Charleston return address, including the person’s name and department. This is essential in directing returned mail to the proper sender.
  • Extra services will require an IDT to be processed. This includes anything outside of a normal mailing: Priority, Certified, Bulk, Business Reply or Express Mailings.
  • Departments will receive monthly charges for all outgoing metered mail, which will be sent by the Office of Mail Services via email. All charges comply with USPS pricing.
  • Please see Notification for Large Mailings.

Notification for Large Mailings

Large mailings are classified as any mailings that are out of the norm for your particular department. Examples:

  • 10 envelopes - more than 50 pieces
  • Flats (6¼ by 8 inches or greater) - more than 30 pieces
  • Boxes over 20 lbs. or more than two boxes

Please notify the Office of Mail Services of large mailings at least one (1) working day in advance so we can prepare accordingly. Email Mail Services with the following details:

  • Date for pickup
  • Name, department
  • Number of mailings or weight of large package

Additional Metered Services

Please see Postal Services for detailed explanation of each service and pricing. All forms can be found at the Office of Mail Services website.

Express, Priority, Certified and Business Reply must have a completed label (if required) and be accompanied by an authorized signature IDT.

Bulk Mail

Bulk mail is prepared by an outsourcing company using the College’s permit (No. 149). The Office of Mail Services must be notified at least two (2) working days prior to when that mailing will be delivered to the US Post Office. This is to ensure that the proper funding is available to process your mailing. An IDT must be processed and must include the account number to which the mailing will be charged, the department, total number of pieces and an authorized signature.

All standard (bulk) mail must arrive at the Office of Mail Services by 1:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday; the USPS does not process bulk mail on Fridays.

Address Filtering
The Office of Mail Services can now offer address filtering to the College of Charleston’s faculty and staff through the USPS database for bulk mailings. Please contact the Office of Mail Services for information about this service.

International Mail

Shipping and mailing internationally through the U.S Post Office is subject to a variety of rules and regulations. Every country has restrictions on different materials. For details on international mailings, visit the USPS International Mail and Packages web page.

Shipping Options for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff members have the option to send and receive packages through any private courier. It is only the USPS that requires all parcels or packages to be sent through the Office of Mail Services, which is addressed using the campus mailing address.

If you would like to use a private courier to arrange for delivery, please contact them directly.

College of Charleston Departmental Mailing Policies

Personal Mail

Personal mail is defined as non-business-related mail such as utility bills, credit card bills, bank statements, mail order catalogs and non-work-related periodicals. The Office of Mail Services will not deliver personal mail as it is prohibited by state policy on the use of state resources for the transport of personal items.

Pursuant to U.S. Postal Regulations and state policies, all mail sent to the College of Charleston is the sole property of the College of Charleston.

Forwarding Policy

Departments are responsible for forwarding and/or returning mail for faculty and staff that have moved to another department or left the College. The Office of Mail Services will forward or return any mail that is improperly addressed.